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On a recent flight to the US I sat next to the IT director for a global corporation. He asked me why I was travelling, to which I answered that I was giving the keynote presentation at an IPv6 conference held by the US Federal government. Without hesitation, his response was “IPv6 is ... [More]

NEW DATES Erion are delighted to announce new dates for their advanced IPv6 training course focusing on deploying and securing IPv6 networks and systems. Our Implementing and Securing IPv6 course provides you with all that you need in order to plan for, design, deploy and secure IPv6 in your network. Implementing and Securing IPv6 is ... [More]

Erion’s David Holder is honoured to have been invited to give the keynote address at next week’s Fedv6 conference in Washington DC. Fedv6 is the organisation working within the US government to promote and deploy IPv6. The Federal government has a long history of working towards the adoption of IPv6. Towards this end they set two ... [More]

For those interested in the pressing issue of IPv6 security and wanting a high-level overview of the challenges and security features of IPv6 then the video from Erion’s David Holder’s recent presentation at the UK IPv6 Council’s IPv6 Security Workshop is now available on YouTube. The slides and a brief summary of the presentation can ... [More]


IPv6 Courses


Generic IPv6 Training

In our generic IPv6 courses you are taught IPv6 across all platforms. You can choose which platform you wish to use for your course exercises from Windows, Unix, Linux or Cisco IOS.

How to design, implement, secure and manage IPv6 in modern multi-platform networks

How to design, implement and manage IPv6 in modern multi-platform networks

A comprehensive analysis of the future of the next generation Internet Protocol - IPv6

How to prepare for and carry out forensics investigations involving IPv6 networks and devices.

Understanding and developing software to support the IPv6 protocol

Best current practice in IPv6 troubleshooting for residential ISP helpdesk staff (RIPE BCOP)

How to secure your network against IPv6 related threats

Internet of Things (IoT) Training

IPv6 is playing a key role in the Internet of Things (IoT).These courses cover all aspects of IPv6 in IoT. This includes extensive coverage of all aspects of 6LowPAN.

How to plan, implement and secure sensor networks and applications using 6LowPAN

IPv6 Courses for Management and IT Strategists

These IPv6 courses are aimed at senior IT management and those who determine IT strategy within a company.

Understanding the new security issues introduced by IPv6 and the actions that you should take

Short management briefing on IPv6

A comprehensive technical overview of the future of the next generation Internet Protocol - IPv6

Platform Specific IPv6 Training

Platform specific IPv6 training is aimed at those who wish to focus on the technical aspects of IPv6 on a specific platform. Our standard four day course covers Windows, Linux, Unix and Cisco IOS. We can cover other platforms upon request.

Hot to plan, implement, secure and manage IPv6 on Cisco routers

Hot to plan, implement, secure and manage IPv6 on Linux

Hot to plan, implement, secure and manage IPv6 in Windows environments

How to design, implement and manage IPv6 in Cisco networks

How to design, implement, secure and manage IPv6 in HP networks

How to design, implement and manage IPv6 in Juniper networks

How to design, implement and manage IPv6 in Linux systems and networks

How to design, implement and manage IPv6 in Unix systems and networks

How to design, implement and manage IPv6 in Windows systems and networks

How to upgrade and manage your Linux web servers for IPv6


IPv6 Certification


Our courses have the highest certifications from the IPv6 Forum.

Certified IPv6 Certification
Certified Course IPv6 Forum
Certified Security Course IPv6 Forum


IPv6 Course Formats


We are extremely flexible in how we provide IPv6 training. There are a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

Public Scheduled Courses

We regularly schedule public dates for our courses in public venues world-wide. Please see our current course schedule for advertised dates. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know if we are planning to run a course near you.

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On-Site Training

We can also provide IPv6 training on-site at your premises. Optionally, on-site courses can be arranged at a local venue of your choosing if you do not have suitable facilities.

We run a huge number of on-site courses world-wide. With an on-site course you can choose to have the content tailored to your specific needs. For example you can select the course content from our hundreds of standard training modules. Alternatively we can provide you with a bespoke training program. Please ask for details.

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Modular IPv6 Training

With Erion's Modular IPv6 Training you can have exactly the IPv6 course that you require without having to resort to bespoke training.

We have hundreds of IPv6 training modules covering all aspects of IPv6, on all platforms and operating systems, for every possible audience, that can be fitted together to create a tailored training course or programme.

Erion will help you put together the modules you need to create an effective IPv6 training course or programme for your organisation.

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Training and Consultancy Packages

Many of our clients require a mixture of training and consultancy. We offer a flexible training and consultancy service which can be adjusted to reflect your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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Bespoke IPv6 Training

If our existing modules don't contain everything that you require then we can develop a bespoke module for you. We are constantly adding to our IPv6 training portfolio so it maybe that the topic you are interested in is already in development. Either way, please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and see if bespoke development is appropriate.

Remember that we have versions of our course modules for different audiences and it maybe that the topic you are interested in is already covered in one of these.

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Remote IPv6 Training

We can also deliver our IPv6 training courses remotely. For clients who are unable to attend our public scheduled courses and who cannot hold on-site training we can provide training using WebEx and similar remote technologies. We still provide you with our comprehensive manuals and you can still carry out the practical labs either remotely on our servers or locally on your own systems.

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Trusted Quality IPv6 Training


Erion is trusted by many of the world's leading organisations to provide IPv6 training.

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We have the highest quality of course manuals.

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